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reading smut and you just kind of 


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You can either sing What Makes You Beautiful at the top of your lungs with me or you can get your ass out of my car and walk

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i would do some nasty shit for front row one direction tickets

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During the last chorus of Small Bump, Ed started to get choked up and couldn’t sing. He stepped back and started crying a bit, and the audience took over for him. The fact that we didn’t scream the lyrics or scream at him was amazing to me; the sound of the crowd was angelic as we sang the rest of the chorus for him. If there were any doubts that he was crying, at the end of this song, he jumped right into the next song, playing the guitar. But he stopped playing after about two seconds and went, “alright, sorry.” 

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finally pressing unfollow on the mutual you felt trapped in with for ages


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harry styles is a non-heteronormative prince


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zayn said he’s going to have 5 or 6 best men


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*leaks the whole album*

*illegally downloads songs*

*Still gets it to number one*


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